What We Do

Born in New York – Made in Los Angeles, TALLEY is a premium denim brand sharing the art of making high-quality denim by focusing on the transparency in product manufacturing and understanding the work that goes into each jean. Every jean comes with a unique Certificate of Birth that explains where and when your specific jean was made.



Every TALLEY jean is made specifically for you. We will engage you in what goes into your jean from start to finish. A GIN (Garment Identification Number) will be sent to you when we receive your order. From there, you will receive updates on your jeans status every few days. The process takes between 10 to 14 days so please be patient - the end product is worth it.

As soon as your order is processed, you will receive your GIN number. Below are major steps that goes into each jean…you may be surprised.


Cutting will take 3 main machines: 1 Machine for spreading the fabric, 1 Machine for cutting the fabric, 1 Machine for fusing the waistband (this is very important so that your waistband will not stretch out with daily wear).


After all the pieces are cut, it will be taken to our sample room to get sewn. Only 1 operator will handle the jean. He or she will make sure it’s handled with great care.


First, your jean will start with Pre-Wash and Resin washing. Then, it will go into the oven to bake and hand sanding to create a vintage look. After applying the PP (potassium permanganate) spray, silicone and pigmentation will be added. Lastly, your jeans will be pressed to seal the coating onto your denim.


All the loose threads will be trimmed and inspected thoroughly for any damages. Then, we will put on all the hardware and sew in the Talley label. Lastly, your jeans will get pressed one more time so that your jean will arrive in the best condition.